Preparing a Property to Rent

Posted in August 2023

As we are about to enter the busy summer period, the demand for good rental properties typically increases sharply, especially as mortgage rates look to increase once again. For advice about renting out a property – look no further!

Preparing a Property to Rent

Get Ready

Before a property is advertised to potential tenants, there are a few things that should be checked before doing so.  This easy-to-follow guide will help you to prepare - especially if you’re a first-time landlord: -

Rental Property To-Do List


When your property is vacant, it’s sensible to conduct a thorough inspection to identify any major problems.  This could cover anything from roof damage, blocked/cracked gutters, broken windows/locks, damp/mould/condensation, redecoration, refurbishment, leaks or dangerous boiler/electrics. 

Deep Clean

The property will require a deep clean from top to bottom!  It is essential that this takes place before the start of a tenancy and especially if others have been living in the property beforehand.  New tenants do not expect to move into mess created by others!

Cleaning:- As well as extra attention to the kitchen (don’t forget the cooker/oven/fridge) and bathroom, it’s important to check that if furnished, everything is in clean, good working order and dirty mattresses are replaced.  Providing a mattress cover as added protection is advisable.  Carpets and floors should be vacuumed and mopped, windows/mirrors cleaned, and the property needs dusting throughout. If there’s a garden/outside space, this should be tidied up also. 

Outside space:- Depending on your budget, most tenants would appreciate some outdoor furniture –such as a simple bistro table and chair set. Particularly as post-lockdown, outside space is now considered essential for many would-be renters.

Left-overs:- Although it may appear helpful, it’s best not to leave any items behind.  Only toilet roll and new soap(s) should be the exception to this rule.

Professional cleaners:- Alternatively, you could consider employing a professional to undertake an end-of-tenancy deep clean.  To find a good cleaning company, do an online search in the local area and check out their Google reviews. 

Neutral Presentation

Keep it simple:- It’s wise to present your property with a neutral colour palette, as not everyone is a fan of bright or garish colours/patterns – irrespective of your own personal taste!  Where décor is looking tired or scuffed, consider repainting using neutral tones with paint that is durable, so it can be easily wiped clean.  If the property is carpeted, this should also be cleaned and if necessary, replaced with a mid-tone option that matches the paintwork, but will withstand footfall and stains.

Tidy-up:- Clear away clutter and ensure that any personal belongings are not on show. If possible, most tenants would appreciate a few picture hooks on the walls, so that they can hang their own paintings/photographs.  This way, the hooks can be reused at the end of each tenancy and you won’t need to worry about removing blue tack!

To Furnish or not to Furnish

With or without:- This depends on the type of tenant you are hoping to attract.  If your property is in a student area, it probably makes more sense to offer a fully/semi-furnished option.  However, if you are hoping to rent to a family, they may prefer the unfurnished option. It would therefore, be advisable to make enquiries with your letting agent to see what the best alternative is, before making this decision.  Our David Andrew Lettings Team would be happy to discuss this matter with you (please see contact details below).

Lights-on:- However, irrespective of whether the property is furnished or not, you still need to check that all light bulbs work and double-check whether it’s your responsibility to provide blinds/curtains and any other items.

If you do decide on providing furnishings, it is worth remembering that by installing better quality furniture, you’re more likely to achieve a higher level of rent. 

Safety Regulations

Certificates & Compliance

Before you let out your property, there are certain regulations you must adhere to in order to remain compliant; this includes several documents that need to be signed off and submitted to your tenants upon their move in date.

These can vary daily and if submitted incorrectly, can cost landlords up to £30,000 in fines/ RROs.

Unfortunately, this is where online agencies can cause mishaps as they may not have the knowledge of every independent council/borough in London, which means they might not be able to adhere to the regulations.

That’s why, upon signing up with David Andrew, we start to inform you of all the certificates and documentation you need to comply with your designated council (we can also organise it on your behalf - may be subject to additional costs*).

Notify your mortgage and insurance companies

Where applicable, it’s essential that your mortgage and insurance companies are contacted to inform them that you won’t be living in the property anymore and that it will be let out to  tenants.  You may have to meet specific mortgage-as-landlord requirements and switch your homeowner’s insurance policy to a landlord property insurance policy.  Doing this will cover any losses due to any potential tenant negligence. Speak to your relevant providers for further information.

Property Management

Choosing to manage your property yourself can involve a lot of work.  Matters that should be taken into consideration before deciding to do so include:-

  • Are you able to respond quickly to any maintenance issues from your tenants?  Some of which could involve late night emergencies.
  • Would you know what to do if a tenant fall’s behind with their rent?
  • Will you stay up to date with the relevant legislation required?
  • Engaging a letting agent to manage your property could make the process much simpler and less stressful for you.  David Andrew have a dedicated Property Management Office based locally who can provide a full property management service, whether you are a landlord based here or abroad (see contact details below). 

Tenant Information

To make a tenant feel comfortable in your property, it’s advisable to provide a list of useful information.  This should include: -

  • Location of utility meters
  • User manuals for the washing machine, boiler/central heating, tumble dryer, dish washer etc.
  • Bin/recycling collection day is also very helpful


Thanks for taking the time to read! Link this blog to your first enquiry with using David Andrew as your letting or management agent and we will apply a 2% discount on the fees. (Subject to an inspection of your property and only applies to new customers*)

If you wish to discuss letting out your property in further detail, please contact your local David Andrew Lettings Manager today for a FREE market appraisal:- Archway: 020-7619-3750, Highbury: 020-7354-9111, Stroud Green: 020-7281-2000, email

Or get in touch with our Property Management Office on Tel: 020 7354 9222 at 235 Blackstock Road, London N5 2LL, email





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